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Hook, Line and Sinker Fishing Tackle (HLS) has been established since April of 1993. We have evolved on the premise that quality customer service and a non-intimidating atmosphere is as important as having a large selection of retail items. We are always striving for the highest standards in the industry and are proud of all the products we retail. As a fairly small store and guiding service, we are able to give you that personalized treatment.

Although we are known for having a clean, friendly and well-stocked shop, no one store can inventory all items at all times. If you are you looking for something special and can�t find it, give us an opportunity to try. Much of our business comes from those hard to find items that we are able to locate. We will work hard to earn your trust. Our ability and access to cutting edge innovations keep you on top of your game.

Can�'t make the trip to Guelph? Although we would love to see you in the store to chat and hear your fishing stories, with the rising gas prices, Mail Order is another viable and cost effective option that we offer our customers.

Beads, Beads and MORE Beads !!

There have been many short lived "fads" in the steelhead game over the past few years, but NONE have made more of an impact in terms of productivity than the use of plastic beads. Our selection of beads and pegs is second to none, including brand names such s Troutbeads, Fish Beads, Trick 'em Beads, and our own custom selection of colours. All are available in 6mm, 8mm (as shown),10mm, and 12mm. Bead Peg colours include, red, yellow, clear, blue, chartreuse and black.

Stealhead Trout beads and Bead Boxes

Fishing is a process of outwitting your prey with creations that most imitate what fish are feeding on at a specific time of year. Matching exactly what fish are looking for, will magnify your fishing experience during spawns and when fish are seeking only eggs. All the eggs they see are SINGLE... drifting along the bottom of the stream one at a time. NOT in clusters. Salmon, Trout and Steelhead do not spawn in clusters. You will occasionally see two and sometimes three eggs sticking together but the mass majority are singles.

Trout beads also have the exact same neutral buoyancy as natural fish eggs, which is another reason (besides color) that make this technique so effective. From the East coast to the West coast... Salmon, Trout and Steelhead guides have counted on trout beads egg matching colors to maximize catch rates when fish are chasing eggs.

HLS Beads Pegs

The new HLS Bead Pegs provide a simple and easy way to peg fishing beads. The soft yet durable rubber peg wedges inside the bead and around the fishing line, protecting the line from nicks and scrapes. The PEG-IT replaces toothpicks, that can damage line.

Available in several colours

Grow your own Roe! Completely Artificial and Biodegrable!

This new Salmon egg substitute is the real deal! Just add water! It has the same buoyancy and texture of the natural egg, needs no refrigeration and add the scent capsule to enhance the bona fide smell!

Comes in blue, pink, chartreuse, coral and natural orange.

Have a steelhead rod that needs a reel seat?

Need a hook keeper added?
ANYTHING is possible!


Custom Rod Building and Repairs

Have and old handle that looks like this ?? �pre�

We can make it look like this !! �post�

Reel Seat

Go to our Custom Rod Building and Repairs page.

Broken Centrepin Reel

Centrepin / Float Reel Repairs:

Have a Float Reel sitting idle due to a river mishap? From the re-manufacture of a reel foot, bearing change or upgrade, or complete manufacture of the float reel of your dreams, we can customize or manufacture to your specifications.

Have a reel that won't fit your new rod?

Centrepin Reel Repairs

Large selection of Pink worms / Tubes / Grubs

The main difference with these baits is that they cause a fairly instant reaction from migratory steelhead. They either attack or they get out of the way.

The amazing thing about these �pink� products is that they tend to draw strikes from larger fish...

Pink worms / Tubes / Grubs

Complete Float Reel Selection

Click here to go to our Rod and Reel page

Need a custom balsa float made?

Send us the specifications of your original and we will build to suit

Gift Cards available

You can now get the perfect gift for the fisher in your life. Cards come in several unique designs and can be re-filled.

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